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    A case for homemaking today

    Homemaking. Does that word make you feel uncomfortable? As if homemaking was a thing hundreds of years ago (or back in the 1950s) but we have evolved beyond it now? The crazy this is that we still live in homes… and we still need to care for them. However, we are busy people and we can spend a lot of our time outside of the house and when we are home, we are distracted. The stress and chaos within our homes is palpable the second we step in the door but it is difficult to know how to deal with it. The homemaking stereotype In the past, when I considered…

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    It doesn’t have to be forever.

    There are times (aka seasons) in our lives when we need to give ourselves ample amounts of grace and patience. These seasons may involve the time right before or after a baby is born, an especially busy work schedule for you or your spouse, extreme weather (hello, winter), or when you or someone in your family is dealing with physical or mental health struggles. We can give ourselves grace during these times by making temporary changes that help ease the burden of the moment. These changes might not fix a problem but they may help you and your family get through a difficult or crazy season of life. The following…

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    Choose one day of the week to stay home.

    I have been a mama for almost five years.  It has taken me close to five years to have the brain space to figure out what I need to do on a regular basis to make this whole marriage, motherhood and homemaking thing work. This is still a constant work in progress but I have found one thing that has revolutionized our life at home. Mondays. Mondays used to be the bane of my existence. I felt frazzled after busy weekends and I would plan to go grocery shopping or have a play date first thing on Monday morning. I really dreaded Monday morning because I didn’t feel ready to…

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    More peace and less crazy this holiday season.

    As I type this, instrumental Christmas music plays quietly in the background. I am drinking coffee and sitting under a cozy blanket. However, I don’t have a single piece of Christmas or Advent decor up yet. Today is November 25. I can’t say that the lack of decor is based on principle. There are plenty of people who choose not to decorate for Christmas until the night before or on a certain week during Advent to properly anticipate celebrating the birth of Jesus. However, that’s not the case for the Vettel household. I actually love listening to Christmas music and seeing Christmas decorations go up after Thanksgiving but other than…

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    Once-a-Week Laundry Links

    I have compiled what has been helpful for me and my family surrounding laundry. By tackling the mental hurdles of laundry, I was able to find a system that works for us. I hope that the links below encourage you to overcome any mental hurdles you may have while continuing to refine your own laundry system.

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    Overcoming the Mental Hurdles of Laundry

    View all laundry posts. Mental Hurdle #1: I hate doing laundry. It’s the worst. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Solution: It’s okay not to like doing laundry. It’s even okay to hate doing laundry. However, even if we hate doing laundry, we still have to do it. This sounds eerily like trying to reason with my preschooler but sometimes my attitudes look similar to my four year old’s attitude. So much of parenting is watching my kids exhibit good and bad parts of my interior life which I find endearing and horrifying. At first, getting laundry done required me to buckle down and do it. However,…

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    Lack of productivity? Maybe you’re not convicted the tasks are worthwhile.

    Disclaimer: I’m not referring to difficulties with productivity due to major life transitions (i.e. pregnancy complications, postpartum time and other extenuating circumstances). I believe we need to be patient with ourselves during those transitions so that we can launch back into life when the time comes. For years, an internal battle took place in my heart surrounding productivity. It was hard for me to consider why some tasks and chores were getting done and others were not. I felt like I was spinning my wheels without much to show for it especially while raising young children. I considered why it was so difficult to be productive around the house: I…

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    Three Ways to Reduce the Fire Hose Effect

    Do your days ever feel like you’re trying to drink from a fire hose? If you want a drink of water and instead you end up soaking wet, more frazzled and still thirsty, that’s not helpful or effective. If you want peace and order in your life but you feel like life is spraying you in the face, I offer you three steps that have helped me and I hope they help you, too! FIRST, take small steps in the right direction and focus on striving for progress over perfection. You determine the small steps. A step cannot be too small and it doesn’t have to be perfect. The step…

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    Brush your teeth (and other small steps).

    If you want to establish a new routine, learn a new skill or develop a habit, it’s not enough to acknowledge the desire and wish it into reality. While it is helpful to begin with the end goal in mind, you’ll need to determine small, manageable steps you can take to achieve the goal. Most things are difficult in the beginning – don’t let that stop you from trying something new. Beginning with small steps will make it possible. We are striving for progress over perfection here, so it’s okay if the steps are very simple and very small. Taking steps toward a goal builds momentum and the steps will…

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    How to Get Stuff Done Without Losing Your Mind

    Update: I discussed this topic in more detail with podcast host, Amber O’Hearn of Diapers and Disciples. Listen to the episode here.  This post comes with a caveat: I am a recovering, chronic avoider (one who actively avoids what she is supposed to be doing). However, I have spent enough time with people (specifically my husband) who do what they’re supposed to be doing when they’re supposed to be doing it, and I envied their discipline, productivity and peace. I wanted what they have when it comes to getting stuff done. During a particularly stressful period of my life within the last year, I found myself wondering how I could create…